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With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves in delivering a print above the rest.


Discover our high end quality Printing using the latest equipment which Gravure and Offset has on offer.


At ROBIN, we understand the challenge of wide range of Printing starting with one colour jobs to ten colour jobs.

 Our Technology

Flexible Material

Roto Gravure Printing Press ‘Rotomec 888’

Robin is proud to introduce the very first ELS (Electronic Line Shaft) and registration controlled system machine which enables a five times faster register correction than any other register control systems currently available in the market.
Operator-oriented design for fast machine make-ready and changeovers performance in a short sequence of essential operations. Gravure cylinder, inking system and commercial ink pail are all situated on -board the quick slide in/out trolley for very fast job changeoverswith minimum waste production time due to on board cleaning.
Absence of gear boxes between motor and printing cylinder allows for better print quality (no backlash) and reduces maintenance operations.
Environmentally friendly technology & workplace safety
Fully compliant environmental protection standards, highly efficient ventilation system minimizes residual solvent on substrates. Individual thermal and air recycle controls to maintain temperature and air volume with the utmost efficiency.

  • Designed for trouble free connection to oxidizer / solvent recovery system.
  • Dryer’s idle rollers are lubricated for life to avoid packaging contamination with lubricants.
  • Floor sweep to keep the printing environment clean.
  • Easy to wash inking and trolley
  • Designed in compliance with international
  • Safety Directives & Standards

Lamination Machine


Exper LAM SB 2000

The two/three layer solvent less laminator, using one/two component solvent less adhesives. Compact and easy to operate, with shaft less unwind and rewind reel stands, this machine is managed by a single operator. Its modular structure allows for easy conversion from duplex to triplex configurations. This Machine is also offered with turret type reel stands.
Silent feature covers multiple functions, like, Fixed type coating unit, Auto Slice, Web guides, Heating media: Thermic fluid, gas, electric, Cooling roller after lamination.
TECHNICAL DATA: Web width 1300 mm, Roll diameter 800 m/min, Laminating speed 250 m/ min
Exper LAM SL 2000
Exper LAM SL 2000 use different interchangeable coating systems to produce multi-layered laminates with solvent / water based or solvent less adhesives. They feature a modular drying tunnel for high efficiency drying.
TECHNICAL DATA: Web width – upto 1300 mm, Lamination Speed – upto 400 m/min, Roll Diameter – 800m/min

Three Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines

DUKE Series (Non IBC) – Three Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines
Blown Film Plant manufactured in India with German technology since 1994. This non IBC three layer line works with effective “layer ratio concept.” The maximum output is 250 kg/hr with a film width of 2100 mm. Extruder range: 50 mm, 55 mm & 60 mm. Winder capacity 800 mm dia x 400 kg weight of the film roll.
Salient Features of DUKE
Kuhne design spiral mandrel die head for effective layer ratio distribution (up to 1:4:1 on request), High performance high volume dual lip air ring for excellent bubble control, Barrier screw design, Grooved feed section, AC variable frequency drive, Reversing haul-off, Semi-automatic winders- ‘X’-tra flex.
General Applications
Milk film, Tea packaging, Rice packaging, Tomato catch up packaging, Liquid packaging, Oil film, Lamination film, Stretch cling film.

Pouch Making Machine

Our infrastructure is well equipped with the modern technology of pouch making process.
WSD 600B
Multi-purpose Automatic High Speed Bag-making Machine
Silent feature of the machine make us able to serve our customer in more artistic manner
Suitable for various lamination films. Bag length is controlled by A.C. double servo-system, with super quality and high efficiency. New type lifting 6 multiplying delivery function. Automatic unwinding tension control and photo-electric deviation rectification. Multi-functional punching, automatic collection of cut-off side waste static electricity removal.
Mode: three side sealing, two servos, two inverters, Max. Bag making speed:150 times/min, Normal speed: 120 times/min (three side seal: 80-200mm, Max. material out feeding line speed: 50 m/min, Size of bag: Width: 60-610 mm, Length: 80-500 mm (dual delivery function), Width of sealing: 6-60 mm, Bag style: three-side sealing bag, Size of material roll: Ø 600*1220 mm, Positioning accuracy: ܡ 1 mm
WSD 600C
High Speed Bag Making Machine with Standing Bag and Zipper Seal Units
The exclusive “pulsating condenser mound plate” is used in the zipper sealing unit to give a beautiful finished product to the pouches.Side sealing is positioned by the specially-equipped photo cell.Automatic unwind ensures optimum working performanceThis machine is designed with a full servo drive system, and eight sets of servo sectional control drives as standard equipment allow for high-speed pouch making.

Slitter/Rewinder Machine

Nuzen D-917
Differential Shaft Technology

  • Operators friendly
  • Easy change over
  • Recipe technology
  • Graphical user interphase for easy understanding of functions.
  • Servo technology for accurate quality.

Paper and Board

Roto Gravure Printing Press ‘ATN’

ATN 8 Color with RDC 10 & ATN 11 Color with RDC 10

ATN is a manufacturer of paper and board converting lines for cigarette packaging, liquid packaging cartons and board food packages. The Rotary Die Cutter for board is designed to accommodate patented ATN cassettes with rotary dies, respectively embossing, creasing and cutting/stripping cassettes. These cassettes can be easily moved in and out of the rotary die cutter thanks to the three integrated hoists positioned above and across the embossing/ creasing/ cutting unit. The “Cassette” a worldwide covered ATN patent holds the rotaries in an on-off pressure position when stored outside the rotary die cutter stations. So the cylinders do not need resetting when remounted in the rotary die cutter RDC. The pressure on the cylinders is hydraulically controlled. The equipment includes a rotary DE curler and an in feed unit with an insetting mechanism scanning a print mark.

• Full compatibility with all the tooling (printing cylinders- RDC tooling) of the previous ATN lines in Bangladesh,
• Print to print and print to cut Accuracy corresponding to BAT and PMI specifications,
• Compatibility of the line with any option requested by client (Quadtech Eltromat … register control, any inspection device brand, viscosity control, UV equipment….)
• Very quick set up of the line,
• Presetting of the tools so to decrease wastage,
• New rotary die cutters with four stations motioned by five independent motors; one for infeed cutting, one for emboss, one for deboss, one for creasing, one for cutting
• Full remote servicing – free of charge- for the equipment,
• German well known, efficient and reliable technologies: B&R electrical drives, Siemens S7 plc,
• Best price of European company with equipment fully manufactured, mounted and tested with client in Europe.

Offset Printing

• Heidelberg SORSZ (28”x40”)
• Heidelberg SORDZ (25.25”x36”)
• Heidelberg SORMZ (Print Master) (20”x29”)
• Heidelberg MO (19”x25”)

Die-Cutting Section

• Bobst Die Cutting Machine
• TMZ Uni Cutter
• Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutter X 8

Gluing Section

• HTB Hunter Folder Gluer
• Socomex Folder Gluer
• Han Helder Guillotines
• Soag Hunter